Eye Liner, Red Lipstick, Camera… Action!

by danaslilmakeup

Have you ever looked up between your grandma’s old pictures? Those sepia pictures with women full of glamour, in beautiful dresses and high heels?

Well, yes ladies! Pin Up is a fashion style that saw the light at some point during the 50’s, when women started to feel sexy, loving their curves and wearing red lipstck! Women like Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor are some of the women that fell in love with this sophisticated and elegant fashion style; being Bettie, called the “mother” of the pin up.

Dresses with skirts in “A” shape, or very tight with sexy cleavages, really high heel sandals and shoes, with wavy long or short hair, feline eyes with massive eyelashes, flowers in the hair, and ruby lips were the the main elements in this fashion.

The ‘modern’ pin ups take all these elements and created something very fresh and still keeping the glamour and sensuality that the whole “Pin Up” Style always had. Celebrities such as Dita Von Teese, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefany, Adele, Imelda May and Katty Perry are some of the women that embraced this ‘new pin up’ style nowadays.

Now, let’s talk about the main reason I am writing this post. Recently, while doing some research about some dresses (pin up style, obviously; because yes, I am a HUGE fan of this fashion) and found this pretty awesome, beaaauuuutiful site called “Pin Up Girl Clothing”, that offers you a massive amount of beautiful options for Dresses, Lingerie, Shoes, Bags, Accesories…. aaaaaaaaanything you need to dress up like an ultime Pin Up Girl!

The best about this site is that you can actually look into the dresses, see the colours and styles that go from very simple pin up tight dresses, military and sailor, to the most elegant and stunning dresses for a very especial occasion. Are you curvy? Don’t Worry! Werther other web sites do not have extra sizes or exclusive designs for girls with curves, this sites has all the extra sizes and beautiful dresses designed especially for you! Same if you are busty or with big hips! there are many options to customize your order!

Yay for curvy girls!

The also have beautiful shoes! from very classic and comfy flat shoes, to really high and stunning heels!

Some of the celebrities that have shopped in this site are Dita Von Teese, actress Lea Michele, british actress Belinda Stewart, The Glee Cast, Imelda May, Amy Winehouse and so many pin up models.

Prices are very reasonable and go from the standard of $50 to $300 and they ship world wide, here is the site: http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/

And their Facebook page, where you can find some behind the scenes, and future collections, and, of course, the models: http://www.facebook.com/pinupgirlclothing

So! Don’t be afraid to embrace your sensuality, and your very sexy , elegant and sophisticated side, and check this site out! You never know if you can find true love in there! 😉

Have Fun!


Dana xx