Quick Craft Wednesday: Photo clothesline!

by Sophie

When I moved to Dublin first I wanted a big cork board on which I could put photos of all of my friends and family, whom I missed quite a lot. I looked all over the city and I could never find one I really, really liked. They were either to big or to small or they wouldn’t be able to be attached to the wall. I was a woman on a mission to find the perfect cork board. But then one day I saw a pictures of a photo clothesline someone had created in their bedroom and I fell in love with it! I decided that I needed to have that in my bedroom.

I went to facebook and printed out all of my favourite photography of my friends and I and all of the fun we had gotten up to in college and printed them out, excited to actually put up the clothesline. And then the photos just sat there for weeks and weeks and weeks. I got distracted by work and other projects and the  idea was abandoned until one day I came across wooden clothes pegs in a supermarket and I remembered my plan. I bought them and I went home as quick as I could, picked out the perfect coloured yarn (because I always have yarn lying around) and set to it.

Making the clothes line itself only took about 20 minutes, if even. I stuck blue tack on the underside of the clothes pegs or the wouldn’t stay up, the yarn not being strong enough to hold them. And then I put up the photos, being really careful about where I places them so they were even and two photos from the same event weren’t beside each other. And then the project was finally finished.

Later I put a poster up underneath the clothes line photos. It looks wonderful by day but has the silhouette of a headless person with their arms raised by night. I now have to make sure I sleep away from that side of the wall or I wake up with a fright.

I love how this project came out though. It only took less than 20 minutes to create and it’s beautiful and makes me smile every time I see it, especially on days when I feel lonely or down.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!