The granny square (Project)

by Sophie

One of the things I love to do the most is knitting and crocheting. There’s something very relaxing about it, especially when using simple patterns which repeat. One of the problems I have with knitting and crocheting is that I often have to teach myself how to do it over and over again. This is because I have a small problem of hobby hopping! I find something I enjoy doing and do that obsessively for a few weeks/months and then find something else I enjoy and do that instead. This is great because I get to try new things that I enjoy but it can be annoying for something like knitting or crocheting when I tend to forget how to do it when I leave it for a while. So I came up with a plan for my first crocheting project since I was about 10 years old. I decided that I was going to make a giant ‘granny square’ blanket to go over my bed in my new apartment. Of course it was perfectly logical to decide to make a huge double bed blanket as the first crocheting project since you were ten! I was adamant though and looked up wool shops in Dublin so I could buy the best quality wool. I looked it up online and I found a wonderful little wool shop in Dublin called “This is Knit” which has a wide range of very pretty and very good quality wool. So I went in with a plan to make my blanket, completely underestimating how much wool I was going to need for the project.

In total I think I went back to the shop about six times to buy more wool and this was where I learned my first and a very important rule indeed when it comes to knitting, try and buy as much of the wool for the project as you can in one go. For the inside six squares of the blanket I used wool for This is Knit, which I went into almost daily for a week because I kept running out, and for the outside squares I went for a cheaper option, wool that was on sale in Aldi supermarket. This was a mistake because I simply didn’t buy enough and they ran out of it, never getting it in the store again. This meant that at the end of the project I was two squares short and had to buy wool as similar in colour to the other squares as possible. Sadly this is also very noticeable on the blanket. I learned a very important lesson from this project though so I feel all in all it was a big success!

I chose Neapolitan colours (chocolate, pink and cream) for the six inside squares and cream for the remaining outside squares and I adore this colour choice. One of the things that I like most about this blanket is that the colours are simple and stick to a theme which suits my bedroom.

The blanket itself was quite quick to make. I could easily make three or four squares in a night. For my first crocheting project I felt this was really important as it meant that I didn’t get bored of the project and give up! I didn’t use a pattern for the project and I pretty much made it up as I went along. I feel that upon completion looking up a pattern would have been helpful, especially to figure out how many skeins of wool I would have needed.

The blanket still sits very proudly on my bed and although I have started and finished more complicated projects since then I still have my first project. Despite all of it’s flaws and how I ended up being so excited to finish it that I made even more mistakes I adore how this blanket came out!

For anyone who’s interested in learning how to make granny squares I used the following youtube video to learn. They’re really easy to learn and quick to make so they’re perfect for beginner crocheters! For each of my squares they were make 8 rows in height and as you go outwards you use more and more wool so make sure to get extra wool in your outside colour! I ended up using about three or four times as much pink wool as I did the chocolate coloured wool!

Youtube video:

Granny Squares for Beginners

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