Kat Von D “Mi Vida Loca” True Romance Palette (A Review)

by danaslilmakeup

Hi, Hi!!

First review, to start the week with something very colourful!

Spring is coming and, as some of you know, like fashion, makeup also has trends and a selection of colours for every season.

The famous tattooist, Kat Von D, known for being part of the Reality Show “Miami Ink” and now “L.A. Ink”, has her own makeup brand from which some products are amazing, and some other not too much.

Maybe for UK, And most of Europe, her makeup line is not very popular but in the US, and Latin America it is a true phenomenon. The brand includes, eye shadow palettes,lipsticks, concealers, and even a fragrance. Her products are only available through Sephora website and Sephora Stores world wide.

This year, to start the Spring/Summer Season, where bright colours are the trend , Kat gives us this Collection called “Mi Vida Loca”, inspired in one of her favourite tattoos, which is across her upper back and shoulder blades.This line is inspired also in the 80’s neon colours and includes: Eyeliners, Nail Polishes, Concealer, Lipsticks in gloss formula, a Foundation primer, Mascara, a Fix Mist that sets the makeup and, of course, a True Romance Palette, from which this review is about.

This Palette contains 8 eye shadows; 3 mattes and 5 frost/shimmer, and a Khol pencil. In general, the eye shadows are very good pigmented, very trendy colours, also the pencil comes in a very cool colour which is this very metallic, sort of electric blue and the packaging is the best I have ever seen compared to the previous True Romance Palettes.

Here are the swatches:

From Left to Right: Swan Song, Marya, No Regrets, Drama For Yo Momma, Mad Max, Dublin, Sparklehorse and Altruism.

Swan Song: Pearl with pink, purple undertone (Frost)

Marya: Pale Pink Pearl (Frost)

No Regrets: Bright Pink (Matte)

Drama For Yo Momma: Mid-Tone Violet (Matte)

Mad Max: Bright Baby Blue (Matte)

Dublin: Bright Lime Green with Golden undertone (Frost)

Sparklehorse: Metallic Golden (Frost)

Altruism: Pale Yellow Pearl (Fost)

Wonderchild Autograph Pencil (khol): Royal Metallic/Electric Blue

What I Liked:

  • The Packaging: Very colourful! The fact that it has engraved the actual design of her tattoo in this kind of rainbow metallic colours was very cool.
  • The Khol Pencil: Very handy, is not so big, and the colour is very bright and perfect for smoky eyes.
  • The “Swan Song” Eye Shadow: I think it is a very unique shade, simple as that. Here I show you how it looks over a black khol pencil and over an eyeshadow primer:

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The Fact that there are more frosty than matte shades, and I think this happens very often, not only with Kat’s products, I think most of the companies that go for palettes every season, tend to do this, doesn’t matter if it’s winter, summer, spring, fall… I think my idea of a pallette is that it must have a balance between, frosty/shimmery eye shadows and matte eye shadows.
  • They fall everywhere!! It really isn’t very pleasant, is like all the dust from the eye shadow flies everywhere and even if you barely touch it with your brush, you get a crazy amount of product that, in the end, you have to drop from your brush or else will end up all over your face.
  • Not all the eyes shadows are equally pigmented (especially the purple one, is the one that has the poorest pigmentation from all of the colours, which is very disappointed to me, because I am a purple sucker haha!)

So yeah, if you are the kind of girls that love bright frosty eyeshadows, this is a MUST! The price is $36 usd and you can purchase it here: http://www.sephora.com/browse/section.jhtml?categoryId=C25122

Hope you liked this review and comment!

Have lovely day!! xx